Pi2Jamma v2 Pro Version

Pi2Jamma v2 Pro Version
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SD Card
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Find here our famous Pi2Jamma v2 Pro Version project. This is one of our best products and of course always on stock. 

The pro version has all features to set up a simple standard gaming system for a Jamma interface Arcade cabinet. Find here the premium version.

Pi2Jamma v2 Pro offers
  • native 15 khz video output,
  • direct lagless controls
  • audio amplifier with volume control
  • video amplifier for great colors
  • 6 Button Support for each player
  • Jamma interface supporting 6 buttons each player. 
  • Support all Rasperry Pi Versions with 40 pin gpio : rpi3b, rpi3b+, rpi4
No expensive and laggy hdmi,  vga,  cga adapters,  no laggy usb Encoder... Just Pi2Jamma :)
No modifications must be done on your arcade cab like on other solution.
You get 
Pi2Jamma pcb
Audio cable
Select in the options a Raspberry Pi 3 B3+, SD card.

Downloads http://pi2jamma.info/download

Docs http://pi2jamma.info/

YouTube Review  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG-UqHmfZak






Question: Does Pi2Jamma v2 support the Raspberry Pi4?
Answer: Yes, use the PINHP game distribution

Question: Where can I find the documentation?
Answer: At http://pi2jamma.info

Question: Where can I get community support quickly?
Answer: Visit our Pi2Jamma Facebook group. Many forums also have Pi2jamma threads.

Question: Where can I download a game distribution?
Answer: On the Pi2jamma download page.



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