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Product no.: Pi2Jamma
SD Card: 
Raspberry Pi 3: 
Find here our famous Pi2Jamma project. This is one of our best products and of course always on stock. 
Pi2Jamma offers
- native 15 khz video output,
- direct lagless controls
- sound amplifier with volume control
- video amplifier for great colors
- 6 Button Support for each player
- Jamma interface. 
 - Support all Rasperry Pi Versions with 40 pin gpio (yes, including rpi4)
No expensive and laggy hdmi,  vga,  cga adapters,  no laggy usb Encoder... Just Pi2Jamma :)
No modifications must be done on your arcade cab like on other solution.
You get 
Pi2Jamma pcb
Audio cable


Select in the options a Raspberry Pi 3 B3+, SD card.

Pi2jamma has many distribution. Here are the standard ones







Pi2Jamma let you play own roms on your arcade cab. Yes,  it is fully working with your arcade crt screen. No adapter are needed. This product is plug and play. 

Find here a YouTube Review.


Docs and needed Software.
Here is a selection of the supported emulators in our console image:

commodore genesis snes pce tg16 gba arcadeNES atari2600gamegear master system sega cd

Features for Pi2Jamma Regamebox distribution:


  • Configuration
    • Key Setting,
    • Video Settings,
    • Resolutions
    • Emulators Configurations
  • Flip Screen
  • Favourites Menu
  • History Menu
  • Gamelist Filters
  • Custom pixel perfect resolutions
  • Support of horizontal and vertical screen with automatic filter for game lists.
  • Video snaps in advmenu
  • Thousands of preview images snaps for all other emulators
  • Thousand of remaps for unified arcade controls for emualtors
  • Dynamic Resolution Switcher Algorithms for Arcade Games
  • Patch Management System
  • Reboot and Shutdown Procedures
  • Preconfigured emulators
  • Game Selecting Menu is developed for display at 15Khz low resolutions and high resolution via hdmi.
  • Dozen of themes for Game Selectiing Menu
  • Switchable backgound music. Possible to load own background music
  • Software and Hardware Volume control
  • Backup solution
  • Export and import of configuration files
  • Logging
  • Support of USB sticks and HDs
  • Access via SFTP, SSH, Samba and Shell
  • standalone use without USB Stick
  • ...


theme_00 theme_01 theme_02 theme_03 theme_04






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This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 22 September, 2016.

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