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SD Card
Raspberry Pi 3
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Products description

Retro Gaming can only be perfect on original hardware. The pi2scart project project simulates the video output of retro gaming consoles with unprecedented accuracy. Unfortunately, connecting to an LCD TV has many disadvantages: scaling artifacts, color fidelity, image delay (lag) to unplayability, and incorrect game speeds are just some of the effects mentioned here.

Pi2SCART is a PCB that gives you 15Khz RGB via SCART interface for your retro CRT. Forget wrong colors, lag, false game speed. Go retro.

PI2SCART support

- Raspberry 3B, 3B+ 4


- Stereo Sound

- Sync combination with Logic Ics. The sync signal will be very clean.

- automatic support via scart of page aspect ratio 4:3

- Aautomatic support via scart RGB AV modus.

PI2SCART will be plugged on GPIO interface. Sound will be provided via cable from Raspberry Pi to PI2SCART.

PI2SCART needs no extra power supply

You get


- Audio Cable



- SD Card with retropie and games

- Acryl made enclosure

- PSU for Raspberry pi

- Raspberry Pi B3+


Regamebox, Recalbox und Retropie




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Customer reviews:

 am 11/12/2018     Evaluation:

I'm very happy with this product, a crystal clear RGB screen with good sound. Retropie runs like a dream with this. The actual loading of games, there is a longer pause compared with running this on the usual HDMI setup, but not an issue, it's worth the wait. There's great support on the Facebook group Pi2Jamma. They are very helpful with this product.

 am 07/03/2017     Evaluation:

Love it, it works great - still trying to figure out how to configure Retropie to use it to it's fullest extent.

By default Retropie scales games to fill the screen, which ends up causing stretched pixels on parts of the image. I've found that you can edit the config files to set the aspect ratio to "square", and disable auto aspect ratio, while and enabling integer scaling to make the image appear correctly. The downside is that not every system fills the screen, so you end up with black bars. I am using a Sony BVM-20F1U, and things look sharp and crisp with this method, but systems like Gameboy Color, NES, Game Gear, etc. don't fill the screen. Systems like the Genesis/Megadrive however do.

Just got it tonight though, so I'm going to keep trying things.

Regardless, this is amazing so far.

 am 03/03/2017     Evaluation:

Excellent Video Quality. This is a must have for everyone who connects a Raspberry Pi to a CRT.
I did some comparison screenshots (Composite vs Pi2Scart) :

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Excellent Video Quality. This is a must have for everyone wh