UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter

UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter
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Product no.: UMSA
UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter
Power Supply Unit: 
Power Supply Adapter: 

UMSA - Ultimate SCART Adapter

UMSA connects your computer or raspberry pi to an CRT Television via RGB Scart interface. 

Features :

- Converts 15Khz RGBHV via a DSUB HD 15pin  to 15Khz RGBS SCART signal.

- Complete solderless device

- Only a simple 5V PSU is needed. UMSA cares about generating the different voltage levels for your suitable SCART configuration (1-3V RGB, 12V for AV, 5V for sync generation)

- Simple sound input interface. Use the cinch interface to forward sound to the SCART interface.

- Composite Video Sync Generatin by logic. Thus a wider range of graphic cards and TV are supported. This results in more stable signal as well. 

- Jumper for negative and positve sync. Some signal needs a positive sync and some are negative. Configure here your needs.

You get



- enclosure made of acryl

- 5V PSU regulated

- Soft15Khz Dongle : This dongle is often used with for new generation graphic cards to access the lower 15Khz resolutions. Grab this option and get a price cut. 


Most common usage for this item is for installing gane emulators in your cab with a TV. Thus the old Arcade feeling comes back to your gaming experience. Second in every case where need to connect a PC to a TV this PCB is for you.

Prerequisites :  Device that outputs RGBHV 15 Khz. This can be a normal PC. For use with windows download the Soft15Khz Tool.

Wiki Page for Soft15 Khz

Download Page for Soft15Khz

Direct Download

For raspberry pi use a gpio vga666 adapter and proper config.txt find on downloads for pre-made images, ie retropie, recalbox or regamebox.


Step 0 : Install on your PC lower resolution with 15Khz. We propose to use Soft15Khz made by SailorSat.

Step 1 : Connect UMSA via VGA cable to your PC.

Step 2 : Connect UMSA via SCART cable to your TV.

Step 3: Connect UMSA to power supply.

Step 4 : Turn on PC

(Step 5 : ) Jumper UMSA according your need (positive or negative sync)


Support Thread for Soft15Khz


Q: I don't know what this 15Khz thing means. Never heard about Soft15Khz and I don't care. Should I buy this device and expect it just works?
A: Using UMSA means that a 15 Khz input signal is needed. Make sure your device is prepared to output 15Khz.

Q: There is a MOLEX Floppy Powercable footprint on the UMSA PCB. Can I use this one to power up UMSA instead of using the power plug?
A : Sure, this avoids having several PSUs in your cab.

Q: I`ve connected the VGA cable and the scart cable. But sound is missing?
A: The VGA cable doesn't carry sound. Plug the sound interface to the cinch plugs.

Q: So I`ve plugged a 31Khz VGA graphic card to the UMSA. I don't see a picture. Why?
A : UMSA only accepts 15Khz. Use Soft15Khz.

Q: Do I need a power supply unit?
A: Yes.





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