Pi2Jamma v2 Premium Version

Pi2Jamma v2 Premium Version
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SD Card
Raspberry Pi 3
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Product no.: Pi2Jamma v2 premium

Products description

Find here our famous Pi2Jamma v 2 premium vesrion. This is one of our best products and of course always on stock. 

The Premium offers the following additional features compared to the Pro version:

  •     Adjustable screen color strength via the built-in RGB amplifier
  •     An adjustment axle for the strength of the screen colors
  •     Chamma support: Button 6 for players 1 and 2 are placed on Jamma pin 27 and pin e. This jamma extension is often used in 6 Buttons Arcade Cab. The Chamma support can be switched on and off.
  •     CPS2 kickharness interface. Many Candy Cabs support this interface for Button 4, 5, 6 Player 1 and Player 2
  •     Extra pin header interface for video signals: External image converters or similar can be connected here.
  •     Extra pin header interface for all free GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi
  •     Support of the switch signal, can be switched on and off

Both Pi2Jamma v2 versions offer

  • native 15 khz RGBS CRT video output for standard arcade RGB CRT,
  • direct lagless controls
  • sound amplifier with volume control
  • 6 Button Support for each player
  • Jamma interface. 
  • new design for mounting raspberry pi and an enclosure
  •  Support all Rasperry Pi Versions with 40 pin gpio : rpi3b, rpi3b+, rpi4
No expensive and laggy hdmi,  vga,  cga adapters,  no laggy usb Encoder, no modifications must be done on your arcade cab like on other solution.... Just Pi2Jamma :)
You get 
Pi2Jamma pcb
Audio cable


Select in the options a Raspberry Pi 3 B3+, SD card.

Pi2jamma has many distribution. Here are the standard ones





 YouTube Review.





Question: Does Pi2Jamma v2 support the Raspberry Pi4? 
Answer: Yes, use the PINHP game distribution   

Question: Where can I find the documentation? 
Answer: At http://pi2jamma.info   

Question: Where can I get community support quickly? 
Answer: Visit our Pi2Jamma Facebook group. Many forums also have Pi2jamma threads.   

Question: Where can I download a game distribution? 
Answer: On the Pi2jamma download page.


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