Supergun MAK Strike Stripped

Supergun MAK Strike Stripped
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Product no.: Supergun MAK Strike Stripped

Products description

Supergun MAK Strike Stripped


This is the consequent adavance coming from our former project MAK Strike. We included many new features requested by the comunity. This one is called "Supergun MAK Strike Stripped".


- Improved usability:  All the user interfaces are now reachable from the side of the PCB.
- Improved SCART support is now designed. It switches automatically to RGB and AV mode.
- Stereo audio and mono audio, select between Stereo or Mono with a switch.
- Audio SCART sound interface
- Audio Attentuation Circuit: Since nearly all of the arcade PCBs or Neogeo MVS system deliver pre-amped sound signals one has to tale care not to harm their TV equipment. Most users try not to turn their sound volume to max, hoping that their home entertainment equipment will not be damaged. We`ve now foreseen an audio attentuation circuit  in this supergun that protect connected media gear.
- Standard MOLEX PC power supply unit plug.
- On and off switch: On and off switch status will be indicated by a power LED.
- NEOGEO compatible controller ports.
- Test and Service Tactile Press Button.
- RGB 3 channel potentiometer with one axle: The colors can be adjusted by using RGB 3 channel potentiometer with one axle. This 3 channel potentiometer can be controlled by one axle. Mostly all known superguns use three different potentiometer. Thus makes it difficult to achieve a clear white level on the screen. By using only one axle for all colors at the same time this clear white level is no issue anymore. 
- Extended 6 Button Jamma Pinout: The new ArcadeForge Supergun MAK comes with extended 6 Button Jamma Pinout.

The optional enclosure is

- laser cut
- all controls are described with laser engravings
- 3mm strong

The optional Arcade PSU comes with

- EU power plug optimized for Arcade PSU
- Molex Harness optimized for Arcade PSU, 25cm length
- Arcade PSU compatible for 110V and 220V
- 5V adjustable via knob
- 5V, 12V, -5V, 2x GND

Jamma Interface

Parts Side  Solder Side
Coin Counter 18JCoin Counter 2
Lock Out 19KLock Out 2
Speaker +, Audio L10LSpeaker -
Player 1 Button 611MPlayer 2 Button 6
Video Red12NVideo Green
Video Blue13PVideo Sync
Video GND14RService Switch
Test Switch15SSlam Switch
Coin Switch 116TCoin Switch 2
Player 1 Start17UPlayer 2 Start
Player 1 Up18VPlayer 2 Up
Player 1 Down19WPlayer 2 Down
Player 1 Left20XPlayer 2 Left 2
Player 1 Right21YPlayer 2 Right
Player 1 Button 122ZPlayer 2 Button 1
Player 1 Button 223aPlayer 2 Button 2
Player 1 Button 324bPlayer 2 Button 3
Player 1 Button 425cPlayer 2 Button 4
Player 1 Button 526dPlayer 2 Button 5

MAK Strike Controller Port Pinout

2NCButton 5
4DButton 4
5BButton 2
10NCButton 6
12CButton 3
13AButton 1




  1. Plug your Arcade PSU and check voltages with your multimeter. The Arcade PSU gives good values for 5V and 12V
  2. Plug your Arcade PSU to the Supergun MAKE Strike without any connected game. Check Supergun has 5V with your multimeter. Do not proceed if not. Check your wiring.
  3. Plug your Arcade Game to the Supergun
  4. Plug your Supergun to your home entertainment system.
  5. Plug your neogeo compatible controllers
  6. Turn on unit.
  7. Enjoy playing.

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