Multigame 60-in-1 Jamma PCB

Multigame 60-in-1 Jamma PCB
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This 60-in-1 Classic Arcade Multigame JAMMA PCB contains 60 of the most popular classic arcade games ever, each game has its original dip switches, which are adjusted through the built-in software menu.  Another great feature is 'High Score' save, which will save the top score...even after the power is turned off!


- MAK Strike  : Use our supergun to connect this PCB to your HOME entertain video equipment.

- Power Supply Unit : Sure, this PCB needs electrical power. This PSU comes ready to with MAK Strike as well as the 60-in-1 Game PCB

- Enclosure : ArcadeForge is the only seller for this enclosure.

This options are great for customizing your gear. 

Feature list

Supports CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) Monitors
Supports Upright and Cocktail Cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player)
Supports Trackball and/or Joystick Controls
Universal JAMMA Connector
User Friendly Game Selection Screen
Free Play or Quarter/Token Option
New High Score Saver
Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
Enable/Disable Specific Games
Standard JAMMA video output or VGA output (hook PC monitor up directly)




Game List:

1. Ms Pacman
2. Donkey Kong
3. Galaxian
4. Mr. Do
5. Galaga3
6. 1942
7. Mappy
8. JR Pacman
9. Time Pilot
10.Space Panic
11. Arkanoid
13.Pinball Action
14.Bomb Jack
16.Dig Dug 2
18.The End
19.Jumping Jack
21.Donkey Kong Junior
22.Dig Dug
23.Space Invaders
28.Super Cobra
29.Super Breakout
31.Mr. Do’s Castle
33.Shao-Lin`s Road
34.Van-Van Car
37.1943 Kai
38.MS. Pacman 2
39.Jr Pacman 2
41.Donkey Kong 3
42.Crush Roller
44.Tank Battalion
45.Burger Time
49.New Rally X
50.Juno Frist
51.Moon Cresta
52.Super Pacman
53.King & Balloon
54.Pacman Plus
57.Congo Bongo
58.Ga Laga
59.Pacman Plus2
60.Pacman 2

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