ArcadeForge Bartop Wide Body DIY

ArcadeForge Bartop Wide Body DIY
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ArcadeForge Bartop

   The popular arcade Forge Bartop DIY DIY kit is now available in the widebody version. With a width of 58cm this Bartop accommodate 2 players as an Upright Arcade Cab.

The Arcade Bartop has a number of design features

- The complete housing is CNC machined. All parts are gschnitten exactly the Zehntelmilllimeter.

- The housing is mated with Ikea-like anchor. The parts are precisely through the anchor and CNC manufacturing.

- All parts are made already primed MDF. This eliminates the annoying assisted priming and can be started directly with the color.

- The control panel is made of wood.

- The control panel is for 2 players, each with 6 buttons. The button holes have a diameter of 30mm. For the joystick model Sanwa JLF is provided.

- In the front of Bartops are 3 buttons diameter 24mm. These are for Coin, Home Player 1 and Player Start. 2

- Mounting for monitor cover (bezel) and Monitor is coordinated. It fit 24 inch 16: 9 monitors in this widebody Bartop. The interior size is 55cm.

- Protection against light emission from the light box. This mirror effects are avoided on the screen.

- Different Joystick models are supported.

- The rear door is easily removable and is secured by a lock - like a video slot machine.

- Interfaces bar at the back of the device for switch, mains connector.

- T-Molding (lipping, edge termination) friendly design. The corners were specially rounded, so that the T-Molding can be better applied. The groove was tightly held, so that the molding keeps better.

to give maximum freedom To the personal Bartop project veschiedene options offered.

The basic unit includes:

- Milled parts in all primed MDF in thickness 16mm CNC
- 48 Pieces dowel 30mm mounting material for the housing
- Console wood for 2 players with 6 buttons
- Console cover in acrylic 3mm thickness
- 1 acrylic plate for the monitor cover
- 1 acrylic plate for the light box cover

It is supplied in parts and is intended for own assembly.


The following additional options are offered

- Option T-Molding

We offer original T-Molding in various colors. The T-Molding fits in wide and length for this Bartop.

- Option Bartop parts

Here small parts such as switches, sockets, speaker etc offered


- 1 switch with power socket for turning on and off
- 2 pieces speaker cover, outer diameter 112mm, metal
- 1 piece of fan gates 120mm
- 2 piece L-profiles
- 2 pieces speaker 4 watts, Diameter 80mm
- 1 piece LED strip with 30 LEDs, 12V, warm white
- Set of 4 rubber case feet, 28mm, 10mm high
- 1 round lock, thread 20mm


- 28 pieces M3; 12mm Spacks for wood for speaker and speaker cover
- 4 pieces M4; 35mm screw feet
- 8 pieces M4 nut
- 4 pieces M4 16mm for Joystick
- 4 pieces M4 25mm for control panel

All parts are suitable for Bartop.

- Option Artwork
There is provided a set of adhesive film according to your wishes.

Other features of Bartop

- The back panel contains interface for switch and power jack

- Three additional fan failure sections are located in the rear wall.

- Back plate has a cutout for locks

- Lower Marqueeabdeckung has cutouts for speakers

- Bottom has holes for feet

- Bartop has millings for Bezelhalterung

- Bartop front has 3 pieces 24mm holes for Start Player 1, Player 2 Start and Coin Button


Structure and cross section of the Bartops

Figure 1 cross-section Bartop

001 - mounting for the control panel

002 - Here is the speakers are mounted.

003 - Roof

004 - Upper back. The Verbidung 003-004 is mitred and provides a smooth transition with no open edge.

005 - The door is with a rebate. Additional strips of wood are no longer needed. The door has holes for lock and three holes for air circulation and installation of a 120mm fan.

006 - interface connector for switch

007 - ground with holes for feet

008 - Front wall with 3 pieces 24mm holes for start Games 1, 2 and coin.

009 - conclusion Lightbox. This prevents light falls against the screen and displayed.

010 - Monitor Mount

011 - Monitor mounting. 011 is selected to be longer, so that the screen is pushed to 010 on the Y-axis back and forth and can be centered.



This document contains templates for the design of stickers and all dimensions



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