Scanline Generator SLG3000

Scanline Generator SLG3000
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Product no.: SLG3000
Scanline Generator SLG3000


SLG 3000 is another comunity based product. It´s purpose is to generate scanlines for VGA standard 640 x 480 using modern display.

Thus SLG3000 is perfect to get arcade feeling for games coming from the 15Khz times.

- No external PSU is needed
- Plug between your VGA Source and display
- 2 VGA female plugs
- DIP settings for even and odd lines
- DIP settings for different resolutions
- adjust scanlines continuously via potentiometers


- No enclosure and with enclosure
- On/Off Option :

     - screw terminals for on and off switch. Use this if you need to assemble your own on and off switch for cab, bartops, diy projects etc.  
     - on and off switch on board assembled

Before and Comparsion



SLG3000 returns the sharpness in your old games. Additionally it brings back the old fashioned tube scanlines effects.




"If you’re a dedicated lover of vintage gaming then you’ll miss scanlines as much as we do, and the SLG3000 is the perfect way to get that classic look without having to keep a bulky CRT TV set in the house."


"SLG 3000 is a circuit board that you plug your console into, and then attach the board to the TV. It's then able to create artificial "scanlines" on a fancy HDTV, something most of these displays are naturally programmed to soften or bleed out."


"German group ArcadeForge, which specializes in custom gaming and arcade equipment, is selling an awesome product called the SLG 3000 that generates artificial scanlines for VGA standard 640x480-using modern displays. Basically, it's designed to make your console games look like their played on an arcade machine."


"As diligent as we are about keeping you abreast of absolutely every awesome new gadget that hits the market, every once in a while even we miss a real gem. Case in point: Arcade Forge's SLG 3000 scanline generator, which gives your seemingly flawless HD display a throwback makeover. "

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 Quick Info

DIP Settings

Resolution DIP4 DIP5 Effect
640 x 480 OFF ON Odd Rows (1, 3, 5, …) for scanlines
640 x 480 ON OFF Even Rows (2, 4, 6, …) for scanlines







This product is compatible with:

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cga2vga Scaler PCB

Find here our recommended scaler PCB. We used this one in our tests.

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