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Rather than being a completely new creation, it's a combination of the (famous GBS8220 and GBS8200 scaler board, the Sync Strike and the glorious SLG3000. The Sync Strike and SLG portions have been redesigned with new board layouts to accompany the scaler board inside one sexy looking plexi case.

What is the SLG-in-a-Box?

SLG-in-a-Box brings your retro consoles to modern LCDs. Additonally SLG-in-a-Box generates tube scanlines so it is perfect to get arcade feeling for games coming from the 15Khz times. SLG 





 Check out this video

What you get

- SLG-in-Box unit

- PDF Manual for download

Here is the feature list :


- Audio Out (from Scart)
- VGA output

- Scanlines for 480p and higher resolutions.
- Scanlines switch On / Off
- Switch On / Off
- Power Led for Unit and scaler
- Switch on / off for scaler
- Switch for Resolution Config
- Scanlines Intensity Adjustment
- Odd / Even scanlines
- All controls at the front of the enclosure
- OSD menu for scaler configuration
- All interfaces at the back of the enclosure

How to use

The SLG-in-a-Box offers switches to enable and disable scanlines and to chose between odd and even lines to darken. One the same board you'll find a power switch which disables the unit.

There are four additional buttons in the front which control the scaler (brightness, sharpness controls and resolution setup) and one to select the input (RGB via scart or Component). On the backside there's an input/output board which offers RGB scart, component and VGA inputs as well as a set of RCA jacks for stereo audio output and of course the VGA output to connect the SLG-in-a-box to a monitor or TV set.

Setup is as easy as it gets. The scart input  accepts RGB signals from all the scart sources you could think of. No need for special cables, japanese RGB cables or raw sync type of cables. The component input accepts 240p, 480i and 480p, all of which are processed by the GBS8200 board sitting in the center.

First Switch from left : Switch power on or off.

Second Switch from left : Adjust even or odd scanlines.

Third Switch from left : Set resolution 640x480 or 800x600.

Fourth Switch from left : Turn scanlines on or off.

Knob : Adjust scanlines intensity.

Button 1 : Menu Up

Button 2 : Menu Down

Button 3 : Activate OSD Menu, Enter in OSD Menu

Button 4 : Switch Input source YUV or RGB SCART.

How to install

RGB SCART and YUV setup

Step 0 : Prepare yourself with all needed parts.

Step 1 : Connect your RGB SCART or YUV source gaming equipment to the scaler.

Step 2 : Connect the VGA out plug with a VGA cable to your LCD.

Step 3 : Connect Audio Cinch cables to your sound system.

Step 4 : Connect the PSU plug.

Check all connections.

Step 5 : Turn the unit on by pressing the lef most switch up. Two LEDs light up.

Step 6 : Configure the scaler with buttons B1 - B4 to your needs. Or use the quick config Button B2

Step 7 : Set the scanlines by adjusting the intensity with the potentiometer knob. The scanlines can be switched on and off.

Make sure that the scanline generator resolution maps to your scaler resolution. A scaler resultion of 640x480 needs the resolution 640x480 for the scanline generator. Higher resolutions are possible, best result will be get with 640x 480.



FAQ : 

Q : I want to connect SNES NTSC to the SLG-in-a-Box. What cable do I need?
A : One needs a RGB SCART Cable according SNES RGB NTSC cable schematic. Buy the SNES RGB NTSC Cable.

Q : I want to connect SNES PAL to the SLG-in-a-Box. What cable do I need?
A : One needs a RGB SCART Cable according SNES RGB PAL cable schematic. Buy the SNES RGB PAL Cable.

Q : Is it possible to connect composite source input to the unit?
A : No.

Q : Is it possible to connect S-Video source input to the unit?
A : No.


Q : The message no signal is displayed on the screen?
A : Check that you use RGB SCART cables for console.

Q : The screen flickers?
A : Tap on quick config button B2.

Q : The image on the screen has a size of a stamp?
A : Check your screen manual. Your screen display the 640x480 pixel not over the whole screen.

Q : There is no sound?
A : VGA cable has no sound. Use the Audio Output interface.

Q : The scanline intensity is very weak?
A : Use the scanline intensity knob to adjust the scanline intensity.





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