Male RGBS 15Khz SCART to Sony PVM / BVM CRT for Pi2scart

Male RGBS 15Khz SCART to Sony PVM / BVM CRT for Pi2scart
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Art.Nr.: bnc cable PVM
Male RGBS 15Khz SCART to Sony PVM / BVM CRT for Pi2scart
To enable the of connection of multiple classic games consoles and computers to Sony PVM monitors which have BNC inputs for RGB and Sync via a SCART connector.
This cable is also suitable for other professional monitors which accept R-G-B plus separate sync signal via BNC inputs. The video signals, Red, Green, Blue and Sync are outputted via BNC connectors and the left and right audio is outputted via two separate phono plugs.
This scart cable allows the connection of games consoles and micro computers which use European RGB SCART cables, such as the Sega Mega Drive, SNK Neo Geo and Super Nintendo / Super Famicom consoles.

But best, your pi2scart pcb will work this adapter cable. So your favourite Raspberry Pi retro gaming distribution like Retropie, Recalbox, Lakka or any other can now be played on the famous Sony PVM / BVM monitors
This cable can also be used for MAME projects, as this will allow you to connect a PC to an RGB tube / CRT TV mounted inside an arcade cabinet via an Extron VGA to RGB down-scaler.
4 x BNC + 2 x RCA converter adapter cable 1 Meter long

Color - Connector
Black- Audio L
Res- Audio R
Orange - Sync
Yellow - Color Red
White - Color Green
Blue - Color Blue




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