Dual Strike

Dual Strike
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Dual Strike

The Dual Strike PCB is a completely solderless board for your arcade projects. Every connection to buttons or directions screw in directly to the side of the board, so installation requires nothing more than a screwdriver. Dual Strike works on any PC (including Mac, Windows Vista/XP/2K/98, and Linux) as well as Playstation 3 systems, xbox1 and as Keyboard Encoder for MAME Emulators.  Dual Strike supports PS3 Home Button and Auto-Detect of connected devices.


  • PS3, xbox1, PC HID Gamecontroller and keyboard encoder for MAME. Chance to piggyback a xbox360 controller pcb
  • Auto-Detect of consoles PS3, xbox1, PC gamecontroller, xbox360 piggyback
  • Keyboard Encoder designed for default mame button layout
  • SOCD Cleaner for Hitboxes
  • Configurable via host software and without
  • 4 different Button Layouts for Keyboard Encoder
  • Button Layouts can be activated on the fly and in game
  • MAME Player1 and Player2 button layouts can be switched on one player CPO
  • 18 screw terminal ports for connecting all of your wires.
  • No soldering required.
  • USB type B jack for connecting any standard USB cable.
  • Piggyback interface for even easier installation of pass-through PCBs.
  • Integrated switch interface for USB pass-through functionality. Any two wire protcol can be supplied to the switch.
  • Separate connection points for all power lines and signals.
  • Mounting holes for easy installation inside your arcade board or cab.
  • Easy Firmware update
  • Joystick mode switch for left, right analogue stick and digital pad (like on MadCatz Fightsticks and Fightpads)
  • Emulation of a joystick mode switch for the pass-through device (like a MadCatz Fightstick and Fightpad PCB)

This makes the dual strike the perfect solution for arcade projects.

Dual Strike Documentation

Dual Strike Manual


Firmware Update

Config Manager Application


TE Dual Mod Tutorial
SE Dual Mod Tutorial


Question : Is there a Hitbox Firmware with SOCD for the Dual Strike

Answer : Firmware with SLRC = Simultaneous Left Right Cancel <https://github.com/IvIePhisto/Dual-Strike/blob/master/Firmware/Releases/Dual_Strike_Firmware_V3.3.1-SLRC_Update.zip>


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