ArcadeForge Bartop DIY Custom Kit

ArcadeForge Bartop DIY Custom Kit
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ArcadeForge Bartop DIY Custom Kit
Control Panel: 
Bartop Parts: 


ArcadeForge Bartop















The ArcadeForge Bartop is a Comunity Projekt developed in forum Arcadezentrum. For Artworks get in touch with


The Arcade Bartop has a collection of innovative design features


- exchangeable Control Panels with1 Player 6 button or 2 Player 6 Buttons setups.

- the interface panel on the back with cuts for switch, PSU plug, fans, USB plug, Neogeo compatible port or VGA port (DSUB15HD)

- the fixing of bezel and screen in one concept. Screen size of 17inch vertical and horizontal, 19 inch horizontal or 18.5 inch in 16:9 format is possible.

- Protection of light emission in the marquee light box. This avoids mirror effects on screen.

- Mounting of several stick models on the CPO (Competition, T Stick, Sanwa, ...)

- Aluminium and acryl faceplate control panel combination. Acryl has rounded edges. Paper Artwork can be applied between aluminium and acryl sheet.

- Backdoor fixing mechanism is also cool :) and has a key lock like the real arcade cabs.

- Ready lacquered parts, so no painting needed. Optional pre-primed MDF parts, so no primer needed, just start to paint.

- T-Mold friendly design with extra rounded edges and cut 1.5mm, extra narrow. This simplfies the assembly of the T-Molding.   

- T-Molding cut is already on the side parts.




Option are offered to give room for own ideas and custom layout.

 You get: 

- All wooden parts strength 16mm made from  MDF countersunk with CNC

- Assembly parts for the enclosure

Enclosure will be shipped in parts and is meant as "Do It Yourself". Please get in touch for oversea shipping.

Control panel material comes in two option: Wooden Multliplex 6,5mm strong and aluminium 1.5mm strong. Wooden is multiplex 6.5mm strong. We recomment to use alumnium panel if you choose the white chipboard option. 

Control Panels can be swapped later and are fixed with 4 screws. This way the bartop can later used with 1 Player 6 Button or even 2 Player Layout. This gives  your bartop a wider range of custom gaming settings. Holes for Sanwa Stick JLF and 30mm buttons are foresee. For Controlpanel 2 Spieler 6 Buttons only Sanwa JLF stick units fit.


- Acryl Faceplate for CPO
The faceplate allow the assembly of simple paperwork between the control panel and faceplate like a sandwhich. No more expensive adhensive foils are needed.

- Acryl Bezelcover with 1 or 2 sheets

Bezel covers the lcd monitor with an acryl sheet. With two sheets a simple paper artwork can be used as bezel artwork like a sandwhich technique. With one sheet the bezel artwork must be glued.

- Acryl marquee cover 1 or 2 sheets

Marquee covers the front light box with an artwork. Two sheets of acryl allow to use simple paper artwork. The artwork must be glued if only one sheeet is used.

- T-Molding

We offer original T-Molding in various colors. Please select your color.
- Bartop Parts

Add this if you don't want to hazzle with searching all the needed parts at different suppliers. Let us do the work and be sure that allt he stuff fits.

You get

- 1 piece switch with combined PSU plug for power supply

- 2 piece speaker cover 112mm, metal

- 1 piece Cooling Fan Cover 120mm

- 2 piece L-profiles

- 2 piece speakers  4 Watt, 80mm

- 1 piece LED bar with 30 Leds, 12V, white

- 4 piece enclosure feet  28mm, 10mm


- 28 piece M3; 12mm wood screws for speaker, speaker cover, switch socket and fan cover

- 4 piece M4; 35mm Screws for enclosure feets

- 4 piece M4; 16mm for Joystick

- 4 piece M4; 25mm for CPO Fixing

- 8 piece M4 nut


Fig1 Profile Bartop

001 - this part fixes the control panel 099

002 - this part holds the speaker panel

003 - Roof of bartop

004 - upper back. Look at the nice bevel and smooth connection between part 003 and 004

005 -  has a fold to part 004 and 006. No wooden helper stripes are  needed anymore. Also has a lock drill  and three drills for air  circulation and a hole for 120mm fan.

006 - connector panel with on and switch

007 - Bottom with drills for feets

008 - front wall with 3 pcs drill 24mm for start player1, 2, and coin

009 - closing wall that prevents shining light from light box to the screen

010 - monitor fixing panel

011 - Monitor mount. One can slide part 010 on Y axis on part 011 to get the center.

Find here all used parts and measures. 











Hier gibt es Videos von fertigen Geräten.

by srdwa

by SLShoot

by EndProdukt

by Bass

By DKMetall

this is mine






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